Why TweetTwain for your business?

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Tuesday, 17 August 2010 18:11

Twitter Campaign Management

Create, manage, monitor and measure your marketing campaigns on Twitter. TweetTwain generates reports for your campaigns with real time data captured from Twitter.

Link Analysis

You can view the link statistics including link click count, link click locations, day/week/month wise reports, charts etc.

Geo targeted marketing

Geo targeting in internet marketing is the method of determining the geolocation of a users targeting this user group for further marketing. Features like location based search & follow and keyword based auto-reply helps you to adopt geo targeted marketing.

Brand Awareness

Brand awareness is a marketing concept that measures consumers' knowledge of a brand's existence. Creation of brand awareness is the primary goal of advertising at the beginning of any product's life cycle in target markets. In fact, brand awareness has influence on buying behaviour of a buyer.With $0 budget you can market your brand using social media services such as Twitter and Facebook. Use TweetTwain to automate the whole process by scheduling and announcing various offers which are being offered, events, announcements, product launches which will reach a greater audience through your followers and re-tweets. Auto-reply keeps your pages alive.

Real time Brand Monitoring

Brand monitoring has become an essential task for any individual or corporation. Enterprises started to score them for influence, relevance, sentiment and necessary action and feed all of that into a workflow for PR, Operations and Customer Service.TweetTwain constantly monitors Twitter public timeline for your brand mentions and shows it to you for your review. You can re-tweet or reply to those mentions thus making a complete platform for direct communication with your customers. You can add your competitors brand too to monitor so that you can generate trend charts.


An iteresting feature to make your Twitter account active without any manual effort! Set auto-reply message for keywords and forget it, TweetTwain will regularly monitor public timeline for the keywords and posts auto-reply if any one refers the keyword. Please make sure you are not misusing this feature to Spam Twitter.

Keyword Targeting

Keyword targeted is an unavoidable marketing strategy for any business. Find suitable keywords for your business and feed it to TweetTwain, TweetTwain will take care of the rest.

OAuth based authentication

Secure OAuth based authentication for both Twitter & Facebook. No need to worry on the security of the user id/passwords of your accounts.

Schedule & Publish

Annonce various offeres, promotions, results, events etc. using TweetTwain, schedule them and forget it! If you want to annouce recurring events(daily, monthly or yearly), you can do that too!

Brand Search & Follow

The best and easy way to get more followers in Twitter is to follow them. You can follow any number of users by giving a brand name or keyword, TweetTwain will search for the keyword within user's profile and if found, sends follow request. You can always black-list people so that TweetTwain will not send follow request to them.


TweetTwain makes your life easy by helping you to auto-follow users who mentions your brand name in their tweet!

Unlimited Feed Monitoring

Feed all your business feeds to TweetTwain, TweetTwain sits and monitors for new feeds and tweets them with the url to the blog, thus you get unlimited pageviews at no cost! There is no limit to how many number of feeds you can add to TweetTwain.

In-built Url Shortening

TweetTwain is integrated with Bit.ly url shortening service. You can shorten your long urls with a click of a button.

Unlimited Accounts

Yes, add as many accounts as you have, no limits, no charges per account, for both Twitter and Facebook accounts! Thus TweetTwain acts a s a single platform to manage all your social networking needs.

Unlimited Follow Un-follow

No limit to follow/un-follow using TweetTwain other than the restrictions put by Twitter. But making too many  follow/un-follow request may result in lifetime ban of your account by Twitter. We have in-built restrictions to prevent your accounts from spamming Twitter such as search limit, follow/un-follow delay etc. Make sure you set these values based on your usage.

Result Oriented Marketing

Marketing plans must be developed to generate results for their organization. You might be bringing targeted traffic to your blog, making connections through social media, constantly engaging with prospects on Twitter but how do you measure it? TweetTwain generates a daily trend analysis report to help you to understand where and how good are you in the social media, also you can compare the charts with your competitors'. Also you can generate a report on the profile details of all your accounts, to analyze your follower growth.

Export & Import Tweets

You can export published tweets for your reference. Sometimes you may want to outsource or delegate writing of stories that needs to be published. You can import tweets in CSV format in to TweetTwain with date and time to publish. See the help section on how to import tweets.

Safe & Secure

Depending third party web solutions to manage your organisation data is always insecure. This desktop application will sit within your enterprises secure network thus no other parties can access your data nor your credentials.

Multi-platform application

TweetTwain is developed in Java thus works in any operating system where Java works including Windows, Mac & Linux all versions! Only pre-requisite is Java 6.0+ which is available free of cost from Oracle website http://www.java.com/


You can add as many keywords as you can, TweetTwain will publish stories related to your keywords at random intervals, thus keeps your Twitter account live! Go to the Auto-Tweet tab and just add your keyword. Please note that at most two stories will be published in 24 hours. This restriction is to prevent spamming.

Intelligent Rate Limit Management

Search and Follow/Un-follow feature uses intelligent rate limit management, thus you can follow/un-follow accounts without any worries on the rate limit. Make sure you are not misusing the features of TweetTwain thus breaking Twitter terms and conditions.

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