TweetTwain 2.1.0 Release Notes

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Sunday, 05 June 2011 12:09

Greetings from TweetTwain Team! We are pleased to announce the release of TweetTwain 2.1.0 with more marketing features bundled. Please find below the release notes:

TweetTwain Version: 2.1.0
Release Date: 4th Jun 2011

The following new features have been added in TweetTwain 2.1.0:

1. Automated ClickBank product marketing

Now you can earn $$$ with your Twitter with no extra effort! Just provide your ClickBank affiliate Id and your keyword, TweetTwain retrieves product information from the ClickBank Marketplace and automatically tweets to your account. You have full control over how many products needs to be tweeted in a day. You can publish product details as normal tweets or as reply to keywords. For example, a user tweeted 'need a massage', TweetTwain search the ClickBank for massage products and replies to the user with the hop url! This feature is limited to one keyword in TweetTwain Lite.

2. Increased auto-reply, auto-retweet, auto-tweet rates

Based on the requests from our customers, we have increased the rate of auto posts for Medium, High and Highest automation levels. Please monitor your accounts for couple of days and make sure the rates are as per your requirements.

3. Bulk upload Twitter accounts

Now with a single button click you can upload all your Twitter accounts to TweetTwain! Create a text file with all your accounts, go to 'Tools->Bulk Upload Accounts' and upload the accounts directly to Twitter. No manual action is needed for adding accounts to Twitter. This feature is available only in TweetTwain Pro.

How to upgrade to TweetTwain 2.1.0?

The upgrade will be automatically delivered to your system. Just restart TweetTwain to install the updates. To verify the version, go to Help->About.

Versions prior to 1.5

Users using versions prior to 1.5 will have to download the latest version from TweetTwain Download Page. Future updates will be available for you automatically.

Issues in upgrading?

If you have any issues in upgrading to the latest version, please click here to create a support ticket. Also you can email us @ info[at]

More Affiliate tools will be integrated with TweetTwain in upcoming versions. Feel free to write to us your feature requests and suggestions.

Happy Tweeting!

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