TweetTwain 1.7.0 Release Notes

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Wednesday, 12 January 2011 09:32

Release Date: 12th Jan 2010

The following new features have been added in TweetTwain 1.7.0:

1. Create Twitter List

Now you can create Twitter List from TweetTwain. Go to Search tab and select an account. All the existing lists will be loaded automatically with an additional option to create a new list.

2. Search and add to Twitter List

You can search for users or a keyword and search result to an existing Twitter list or a new list.

3. Clear Tweet Queue

It is difficult to select individual tweet and delete them one by one. We have introduced a new feature to clear the Tweet Queue. Go to Tools menu and select 'Clear Tweet Queue'.

4. Un-follow All

New feature to unfollow all your friends.

5. Export Tweets

Now TweetTwain will export

  • Tweet History
  • Keyword Mentions
  • Re-Tweets
  • Mentions
  • Go to Settings->Export tab to enable this feature. The data will be exported to the TweetTwain data folder(%user_home%/TweetTwain)

    How to upgrade to TweetTwain 1.7.0?

    The upgrade will be automatically delivered to your system. Just restart TweetTwain to install the updates. To verify the version, go to Help->About.

    Versions prior to 1.5

    Users using versions prior to 1.5 will have to download the latest version from TweetTwain Download Page. Future updates will be available for you automatically.

    Issues in upgrading?

    If you have any issues in upgrading to the latest version, please click here to create a support ticket. Also you can email us @ info[at]

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