TweetTwain 1.6 released!

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Saturday, 25 September 2010 18:05
We are proud to announce the next major release of TweetTwain! The following new features are available in this release:
  1. New Re-Tweet Tab: Now it is easy to know who re-tweeted your tweets. TweetTwain monitors your tweets and loads the Re-Tweet tab with the re-tweets real time! You can view the profile of the re-tweeted user, follow, send direct message or send reply to that user.
  2. New actions in Mentions Tab: New actions are added in the mentions tab for your convenience. Now you can reply, follow, re-tweet the mention, edit the content and re-tweet, send direct message and view the profile just by right-clicking the mention.
  3. New actions in Brand Monitoring screen: All the actions available for the mentions screen are also available for the Brand Monitoring screen. So, you can easily perform actions just by right-clicking the tweets.
  4. Search screen changes: Profile image has been removed. Number of followers and number of friends are added (We have plans to include more filters in the follow screen. Wait for the next release).
  5. New Tweet screen changes: Removed the option 'REPEAT_DAILY'. Still you can repeat weekly and monthly.
  6. Statistics screen changes: If no data available, previous day's data is copied to this date, so no more gaps in the statistics graph.
  7. Password Protection: Now you can protect TweetTwain with a password. Go to Settings->Options and select the Security tab. Enter a user name and password, click on Apply. TweetTwain will prompt for user name/password on launch. Leave these fields empty to de-activate this feature.

How to upgrade to TweetTwain 1.6.0?

The upgrade will be automatically delivered to your system. Just restart TweetTwain to install the updates. To verify the version, go to Help->About.

Versions prior to 1.5

Users using versions prior to 1.5 will have to download the latest version from TweetTwain Download Page. Future updates will be available for you automatically.

Issues in upgrading?

If you have any issues in upgrading to the latest version, please click here to create a support ticket. Also you can email us @ info[at]

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