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1. Installing TweetTwain
2. Launching TweetTwain
3. Adding Twitter accounts
4. Linking Facebook account to a Twitter account
5. Creating new Tweet
6. Sending Direct Messages(DM)
7. Twitter Chat/Discussion
8. Importing Tweets
9. Monitoring and Auto-Posting RSS Feeds
10. Application Integration
11. Sending Auto-Reply to keywords

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1. Installing TweetTwain

Go to TweetTwain website and click on Download. Click on the 'Launch' button to download and install TweetTwain. More instructions available on the download page.

2. Launching TweetTwain

Double-click the TweetTwain shortcut to launch TweetTwain. Updates will be automatically downloaded to your computer when available.

3. Adding Twitter accounts

1. Go to Settings > Manage Twitter Accounts

2. Click on 'Add Account'

3. Provide account name and tick 'Active' checkbox

4. Click on 'Add' button

5. Click on 'Ok'

6. A browser window will be opened prompting your Twitter username and password. Provide the details and click on 'Allow'

7. Copy the PIN generated by Twitter, paste it in the TweetTwain dialog box

8. On successful registration, a confirmation dialog will be displayed

9. Restart TweetTwain

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4. Linking Facebook account to a Twitter account

You can link your Facebook profile pages or fan pages with your Twitter account. All status updates will be cross posted to Facebook too. Follow the steps to integrate your Facebook account with TweetTwain:

1. Go to Settings > Manage Facebook Accounts

2. Click on 'Map Facebook Account'

3. Provide your Facebook username and business page id(only if you want to publish stories to your business page)

4. Select Twitter account

5. Tick 'Active' checkbox

6. Click on 'Ok'

7. A browser window will be opened prompting your Facebook username and password. Provide the details.

8. Make sure you check 'Keep me logged in to TweetTwain'

9. Click on Login. You will get a confirmation message from Facebook.

10. Click on Ok.

5. Creating new Tweet

You can update your status with TweetTwain. Also scheduling of posts is also possible. TweetTwain is integrated with yFrog, an image uploading service and, a url shortening service.

1. Go to File > New Tweet

2. If you want to share photos, select a photo and click on 'Upload'

3. Enter your message

4. If you have long urls in your message, click on 'Shorten Urls'

5. Click on 'Preview' to preview your message

6. Select accounts from which the tweets needs to be published

7. Click on 'Publish'

9. If you want to publish the message later, uncheck the 'Now' check-box and select your desired date and time. If you want to repeat the publishing, select an appropriate interval. Make sure you select proper repeat interval as repeated tweets may force Twitter to ban your account!

10. If you have any Facebook account linked to the selected Twitter account, the message will be published to Facebook account too

6. Sending Direct Messages(DM)

1. Go to File > New Message

2. Select the account from which the DM needs to be send

3. Enter your message and select receipients

4. Click on send

5. If there are multiple recipients, make sure you select an appropriate delay between DMs(otherwise Twitter may ban your account!). We have kept a minimum of 5 minutes delay between DMs to prevent spam. Contact us if you have any concerns on this.

7. Twitter Chat/Discussion

Click here to view a demo

8. Importing Tweets

You can import Tweets from a comma separated values file(CSV) to TweetTwain.

1. Go to Tools > Import Tweets

2. Select your CSV file and click on Ok

All your tweets will be imported to TweetTwain and will be published based on the time settings.

Download sample file for import.

Warning: If you have comma (,) within your tweets, make sure you escape them with (\), for example,

this is my tweet, happy tweeting

must be entered as

this is my tweet\, happy tweeting

9. Monitoring and Auto-Posting RSS Feeds

Do you have a blog? Do you want to publish your new blog posts automatically? Just follow the below steps:

1. Go to Feeds tab

2. Enter your feed url for example:

3. Select your account from the drop down

4. Check the Active box

5. Click the Test button to validate the rss feed

6. If the url is valid, you will get a success message. Click on Add Feed Url

Done! TweetTwain will monitor the feed and will post new entries automatically.

10. Application Integration

You can integrate your business applications with Twitter via databases. Insert Tweets in to a database table via your enterprise applications, TweetTwain connects to the same database, retrieves the un-published data and publishes to Twitter at regular intervals. Watch the video for more details:

 Watch Video Tutorial

Note: Before proceeding with the integration, place your database jar file under jre/lib/ext folder.

Sample Database DML & DDL:

CREATE TABLE `messages` (
  `MESSAGE` varchar(140) NOT NULL,
  `PUBLISHED` tinyint(1) DEFAULT '0',

Data retrieval query: select MESSAGE from MESSAGES where PUBLISHED=0
Data cleanup query: update MESSAGES set PUBLISHED=1 where MESSAGE=?

11. Sending Auto-Reply to keywords

Click here to watch the video tutorial

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