Frequently Asked Questions

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Tuesday, 02 August 2011 00:00
  • What are the prerequisites of TweetTwain?

    Java 1.6 or 6.0(or higher versions) is needed to run TweetTwain.

  • What are the supported platforms?

    TweetTwain is a Java application and hence can be installed on Windows, Linux and Mac platforms.

  • Do I need to setup Twitter API key in TweetTwain?

    Yes, you need to create an API key with one of your Twitter accounts and add it in TweetTwain. Use the shortcut keys Ctrl+C and Ctrl+V to copy paste the keys to avoid any typo errors. This shortcut works in Mac too(Use ^+C to copy and Ctrl+V to paste).

  • Why the tweets posted via TweetTwain are not appearing on Twitter?

    You should give write access while setting up your API key.

  • Why TweetTwain is not auto-tweeting/auto-following?

    We have different automation levels which can be set via going to Settings->Options->Automation. Select your desired automation level and wait few hours to see the result(depending on the level you selected).

  • Why some of my accounts are not listed in TweetTwain?

    Make sure your accounts are in active status under Settings->Manage Twitter Accounts.

  • Do I need to download TweetTwain again after purchasing the pro version?

    No, you just need to enter your registration details to upgrade to pro version.

  • How to restart TweetTwain?

    Clicking the X button will not exit TweetTwain but only makes the tool work in the background. Right-click the bird icon in the system tray and select Show to bring the application to the front. Select File->Exit to exit TweetTwain.

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