TweetTwain 1.6.4 Release Notes

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Monday, 06 December 2010 05:33

The following new features are available in TweetTwain 1.6.4:

1. Auto-Tweet

You can add as many keywords as you can, TweetTwain will publish stories related to your keywords at random intervals, thus keeps your Twitter account live! Go to the Auto-Tweet tab and just add your keyword. Please note that at most two stories will be published in 24 hours. This restriction is to prevent spamming.

2. Intelligent Rate Limit Management

Search and Follow/Un-follow feature uses intelligent rate limit management, thus you can follow/un-follow accounts without any worries on the rate limit. Keep this in mind that above 2000 friends, you will have to keep the following-follower ratio as per Twitter guidelines.

Click here for the Twitter follow/un-follow guidelines

How to upgrade to TweetTwain 1.6.4?

The upgrade will be automatically delivered to your system. Just restart TweetTwain to install the updates. To verify the version, go to Help->About.

Versions prior to 1.5

Users using versions prior to 1.5 will have to download the latest version from TweetTwain Download Page. Future updates will be available for you automatically.

Issues in upgrading?

If you have any issues in upgrading to the latest version, please click here to create a support ticket. Also you can email us @ info[at]

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