Generating Twitter API Key

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Tuesday, 26 April 2011 05:19

It takes less than a minute to register and start using your own Twitter App. Let us understand how to create one that works with the TweetTwain application.

Step by Step Procedure to Register Your Own Twitter App

  • Go to Register an app and login with your Twitter account if you havent already logged in
  • Provide an Application Name, say your Website Name or any name of your choice say ‘My Own App’
  • Provide a Short Description e.g. 'My own application'
  • Application Website: This can be the URL you want to link to. This could be website homepage or any relevant link e.g.
  • Organization: Name of your organization or your blog title
  • Application Type: Choose Client
  • Callback URL: Leave Blank
  • Default Access Type: Choose Read & Write
  • Upload an image icon if you like
  • Answer the Captcha question
  • Click on Register application button
  • Note Consumer key and Consumer secret displayed on the next page
  • Enter the same in the TweetTwain Settings page(Tools->Settings->API tab)
  • Restart TweetTwain

Now TweetTwain is ready to use and you can add your Twitter accounts to TweetTwain

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Note: If you have accounts already added to TweetTwain, remove them before setting new API key. Accounts added with old API key will not work with new API key.

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