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Wednesday, 02 March 2011 06:50

You have been doing marketing over internet for years and there was no improvement in sale? Try our 'Campaign' feature, an all-in-one module to create, manage, monitor and measure your marketing campaigns on Twitter!

Why Twitter for my campaigns?

With an online site, word of mouth advertising is important to overcome the ad blindness that most people have acquired after years of seeing banner ads and text ads across the web. Many studies have shown that social media, is becoming a much more effective channel to gain leads and recognition for your business. With social media you also don't have to pay for each click and view. TweetTwain is built to get you the most ROI for you advertising budget by enabling your contests and with Twitter you not only get a lead today but for many years to follow as long as you continue to create interesting and relevant content.

Maggiano's, the Italian restaurant chain, offered a $100 gift card if you simply tweet "Follow @Maggianos by 5pm CST to be entered to win $100 in Maggiano's gift certificates." This promotion is effective because it offers a large prize with very little work required from the customer. After the contest, Maggiano's gained roughly 2k followers, which was a roughly 50% increase over their previous follower count. Within hours after the contest started, they had also become a trending topic on Twitter.

Download TweetTwain

Click here to download and install the latest version of TweetTwain. You must have latest version of Java installed on your machine. Add your Twitter account to TweetTwain and familiarize yourself with TweetTwain by sending tweets, DMs e.t.c.

Creating Campaign

Go to Campaign tab and click on 'New Campaign' button. Enter all campaign details. Refer the screenshot for help.

  • Account - Your Twitter account
  • Name - A short name for your campaign
  • Start Date - Campaign start date
  • End Date - Campaign end date
  • Hashtag/Code - If you want to measure your performance based on a hashtag, enter it here. Make sure you are entering a unique hashtag for example #ANDROIDMARKET2012
  • Link - The long url to your webpage. TweetTwain uses url shortening service to shorten your url and track the link clicks.
  • Message - A short message which will be published to Twitter. Make sure you include your hashtag in the message. The shorturl will be included automatically.
  • Tweet Now - Publish the message to Twitter
Preview the message and once you are ready, click on Save button.

Campaign Details

Double-click the campaign to view the details of the campaign.

  • Twitter Reach - Direct viewers of your tweet
  • How many Re-Tweeted - Re-Tweet count
  • How many Hashtag tweets? - Number of tweets with the campaign Hashtag within the start and end date.
  • How many clicked the link? - Link click count
  • New followers - New follower count within the date range
  • Virality - Followers of people who re-tweeted or used the hashtag in their tweet.

Most Influential Viewers

Details of users who has most number of followers, who re-tweeted or mentioned your hashtag in their tweet.


Click on the Export/Print button to generate campaign report in pdf format. To download a sample report, click here.

Export Hashtag Tweets - Exports all tweets referring your hashtag in CSV format.

Export Re-Tweeted Users List - Exports users details who re-tweeted your tweet

Link Statistics - Link click details from

Select a random winner - If you are offering surprise gift to your followers/re-tweeters, click this button to select a random winner.

Refresh - Refresh the data. It may take a long time to refresh the data. Click only if you want to see the most recent data


Feel free to write to us for any comments or suggestions. You can reach us via info[at] or via @tweettwainpro. Happy tweeting!

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