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Thursday, 19 August 2010 10:45
Disclaimer - Terms of Agreement:

Third party services like Twitter, Bit.ly and their API affect the performance of TweetTwain. Changes of their services might cause TweetTwain to not work on some of its features. We have no control over the changes they make in their services. Because of this we cannot make any guarantees that all of the features available now will continue to function as it is, but your license have access to our lifetime updates and you can get any changes we make to the program for free. Additionally, the developers and distributors of the TweetTwain tool are explicitly removed from any and all liability associated with the use of this tool and will not be held liable for any damages arising from the use, misuse or abuse of TweetTwain. We recommend that you use the software judiciously and not abuse it for the purpose of spamming those services. Doing so will most likely result in your accounts being terminated, in effect wasting any effort you’ve put into it. You agree to accept liability for any damages caused by misusing TweetTwain. TweetTwain do not promote spam. This tool was created for you to market your product effectively with less effort. Please use it well and provide value to your fellow tweeters.

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